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  • Westlake rank 10th in 2015 Global Tire Company Ran... ,September 28, 2015
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    Westlake rank 10th in 2015 Global Tire Company Ranking


    ZC Rubber (Westlake Tire) continues to rank 10th among the top 75 global tire companies in 2015 and maintains its leading position in China according to the report announced by Tire Business. Our success comes from your support and thank you for the confidence you have placed in westlake tires.

    ZC Rubber Thailand Opens ,September 28, 2015
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    ZC Rubber Thailand Opens


    Rayong, Thailand (June 29, 2015)ZC Rubber Group today hosts the grand opening ceremony for ZC Rubber Thailand, the first overseas manufacturing subsidiary, in the newly completed workshop located in Rayong, Thailand. 


    Over 500 VIPs and guests attended the ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new plant. The plant covers the area of over 570,000 square meters and is equipped with the most advanced tire production equipment and facilities with the annual capacity of 5 million pcs of passenger car and light truck tires.


    Mr. Jinrong Shen, President of ZC Rubber Group, announced “The opening of ZC Rubber Thailand is a remarkable milestone of ZC Rubber Group’s globalization strategy. It is the first overseas plant of ZC Rubber Group. The new plant is facing the market demands from global market, especially Southeast Asia.” The new plant will provide hundreds of local work opportunities and supply suitable products developed based on the local market demand.


    Furthermore Mr. Shen announced the foundation of new TBR production line in order to meet the quickly increasing demand on medium and heavy truck tires from Southeast Asia and South Asia. ZC Rubber will keep on the globalization strategy for a better future.






    Westlake Remains Global Top 10 Tire Manufacturer ,September 26, 2013
    Hangzhou China– Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber C...
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    Westlake Remains Global Top 10 Tire Manufacturer

    Hangzhou China– Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber), the largest Chinese tire manufacturer, remains as No. 10 among the Top 75 Global Tire Manufacturer ranked by U.S.based Tire Business. 

    The ranking is based on the sales revenue from the sale of tires, excluding revenue from non-tire products in year 2012. ZC Rubber achieved totally USD4.56 billion remaining the position of No. 10 with 7% increase compared to 2011.

    ZC Rubber is aiming to be one of the Tier 2 tire manufacturer in the coming years by both expanding the production capacity and promoting the brand image. With the establishment of new production facility in China and Thailand, ZC Rubber is moving toward the target step by step.

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